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In Judaic folklore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. She was banished from the Garden of Eden after refusing to lie beneath Adam and therefore elevating herself to be his equal. Today, Lilith symbolizes divine feminine power, known as a demon queen who utilizes dark femininity to conquer patriarchal tradition. 

Blue Lilith is a production company embodying the spirit of balancing the scales through storytelling. We create films and music videos that speak to the complexities of intersectional feminism, and explore how our communities give and receive love. We write, choreograph, shoot, direct, and produce work that uses movement as a reflection of human relationships, with an emphasis on the lived experiences of queer and BIPOC femmes. Last summer, we created the music video Not One to Guess, a movement-based portrait of vulnerability in romantic relationships. 


Our next project will be ROOFTOP JESUS, a satirical short film about the harmful effects of performative allyship. When Lena is stuck on a rooftop with a group of white activists, she questions the role of allyship in the fight for black liberation. Haunted by the nightmares of neoliberalism in and out of dreaming, Lena decides her rest will not be the only casualty as we ask who or what must be sacrificed for our collective salvation. ROOFTOP JESUS is a cautionary tale for the arts community, showing that the best intentions can cause harm without careful consideration. How can we uplift instead of further alienate members of the community we wish to serve? 

As a production company we aspire to create one short film, two videos, and host three events per year. Blue Lilith will curate events that collectively celebrate femininity and challenge the prescribed confines of intersectionality. These events will highlight local artists and vendors, interweaving film screenings with live performance. ROOFTOP JESUS will be screened at a Blue Lilith event, as well as submitted to local and national film festivals.

This will be the one of many projects and will establish the quintessential essence of Blue Lilith: femme, unapologetic and free.

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